How It Works

How it works For the Premium Butterfly

Each cycle has a payout and software package downloadable (Each cycle you will need to purchase a $500.00 software upgrade)

Remember anyone you refer will be an incentive of 100.00 only for one cycle.

1st cycle is a DTM grant $2000 and phase 1 Software package.

2nd cycle is DTM grant$2000 and phase 2 Software package.

3rd cycle is DTM grant $2000 and phase 3 Software package.

Certificate of completion is $50 – Training or Personal goal reached!

After your final cycle you will be given the opportunity to reenroll under Elite status and at the maxim rate

Remediation Butterfly Project

Once refunded Individuals have an option, they can choose to keep the $500 or

Rejoin the project (This Program is based upon how we can help the community recover their money and inject the awareness of certified investment.

1st cycle you purchase $100 training and receive $400.

2nd cycle you purchase $200 back in and receive $600.

3rd cycle you purchase $300 back in and receive $800.

Re-Enter the ButterFlyProject:

$500 back in and receive $2000. You will rejoin the Premium Butterfly Project

You will receive the Butterfly Project Software and Training Opportunities.

Free Online Classes:

Financial Awareness 101

Investment Opportunities 101

Business Software Applications 101

Digital Currency 101