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Welcome to the Butterfly Project!

Let us be the first to tell you how much we appreciate your belief in our project. The Butterfly Project prides itself on helping people like you achieve your dreams by providing the funding and services you need to start your own project. Our crowdfunding is protected by all regulatory requirements reviewed and represented by our legal team. Your success is insured to have the highest reputation that you can share within your network to maximize your crowdfunding goals.

The Butterfly Project is a crowdfunding source that requires little to no qualifications just a recommendation and an initial contribution of $500 to purchase your software platform and you’re on your way to monthly funding and access to our amazing resources for all your business needs

Every month you will have the opportunity to purchase an updated software package and receive 2000 dollars to be used as you see fit as well as a business kit full of tools you can utilize to grow your business Ideas. As well as the software business kit you will get your own login dashboard where you have access to even more tools will be at your disposal with discounts on exclusive products and services to increase all aspects of your business.If you would like to just purchase software individually you are welcome. We have also implemented a referral system as well.

Build your network with a one of a kind MLM system that takes the direct sales and marketing to your product and services having exclusive worldwide exposure your growth potential is limited to only your imagination. Artists, business owners, individuals, friends, family members don’t miss the opportunity to grow your skills, develop new concepts, and get paid for training with the first-ever company that gives you the opportunity to advance your dreams!!!

I would like to thank you again and welcome to the DTM family and enjoy the Butterfly Project 🦋

Featured apps that come with our services:

  • Education Portal
  • Fitness App
  • MLM Dashboards
  • Business Tools
  • Digital Music Cards

Barbara Ann Evans School of Development and Growth


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